Monthly Archives: September 2016

Dump NeverTrump

As a first order of business, we think it most important to address an issue now gaining salience among our Republican friends: What to do about NeverTrump, the “useful idiot” GOP members who are helping turn voters away from the Republican ticket – and thereby giving a YUUUGE boost to Hillary Clinton’s chances in November.

Writing to you from a Democrat standpoint, of course we hope you do absolutely nothing about #NeverTrump.

However, we also pride ourselves on objectivity as a quasi-journalistic principle. In that spirit, then, let us tell you what we would be doing if there were such a fifth column in our own camp, and we will explain it to you as though we were Republicans ourselves.

We would be working our arses off to make sure that, come November, whatever happens in the election, the turncoats would never, ever, have influence, nor legitimacy, nor employability, nor even name recognition save for that type afforded to those whose name is Mudd.

Therefore, putting ourselves in your shoes – those of the GOP members who are aghast at the treasonous behavior of some of your erstwhile colleagues – we have devised a simple “Action Plan” which we think may be helpful in November and beyond.

Click here for the Dump NeverTrump action plan, which includes a link to a ready-made Resolution that we recommend copying and pasting into a text file and customizing for your own purposes.