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NeverTrump man

How would NeverTrump traitors fare in the Democratic Party?

The recent headlines about our candidate, Hillary Clinton, have us concerned. We are also worried about our Republican accomplices and what might happen if they were to be seen as NeverTrump traitors, in the inconceivable event of a Donald Trump victory in 9 days.

For we will never forget the precious assistance Hillary received this year from our GOP comrades, who were willing to help the Republican Party lose the White House in order to make their point. Without NeverTrump, a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been impossible. We thank you. And we will continue to thank you, by name whenever possible, for as long into the future as we can type.

Our anxiety about our #NeverTrump confreres, the “Fredo” wing of the Republican Party, if you will, inspires the following exercise: How would it go in our own party, if we had the equivalent of NeverTrump traitors working openly to trash a Democratic presidential ticket in the minds of Democratic voters?

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Republicans now hint populist purge

NeverTrump Republicans now hint populist purge

Knives have been evident within the Republican Party for months, and now some are near to being drawn. With the election less than a fortnight away, and today’s awful, no good, very bad news for the Hillary Clinton campaign stinging like wasps, prominent #NeverTrump Republicans now hint populist purge of Trump supporters from the Party may be imminent.

Now that the Party purge is being spoken of openly, we have to wonder if the pro-Trump faction of the GOP may be on the right track with the rumored housecleaning of their own (and their very own Dump #NeverTrump action plan ready to go!)

We’ve known the anger was building against Donald Trump’s supporters, and we watched in amazement as the largest political movement within the GOP – by far – of the current campaign drew hostility and ridicule from party veterans. Even the supposedly cerebral conservative Ted Cruz led a legion of rabid, feces-tossing followers whose main response to the massive Trump support was to insult them all. Bizarre.

Prominent #NeverTrump fellow David French captured perfectly today’s gloomy mood among those Republicans whose worst fear – a Republican presidential victory – seems more likely by the hour:
David French anger

But it’s David Frum, formerly of the GW Bush administration, who today gave the clearest hint of where some Republicans wish to see the Party go on November 9.

Frum promised ominously that

Donald Trump will be the target of the recriminations and the people around him will be the target of the recrimination….There’s going to be a revulsion in the Republican Party against this crew.

No one can tell yet which segment of the Republican Party will make the first move, but judging by today’s reactions, #NeverTrump is feeling the pressure.

Republicans should vote symbolically

Republicans should vote symbolically

An important aspect of Democratic Party leadership in 2016 is ensuring that, if they absolutely must vote, Republicans should vote symbolically. This is why the media have given #NeverTrump such positive coverage all year.

We know better than to think we can convince a large number of conservatives to just go out and vote for Hillary Clinton. But convincing them not to vote for Donald Trump is just as good. A symbolic vote is a vote cast into the ether. It’s a ballot placed in a bottle and tossed into the sea.

We can’t actually claim credit for the largest share of symbolic voting. That trophy goes to #NeverTrump, who collectively have laid out an entire code of Hammurabi of reasons one ought not vote for Donald Trump but rather should seek a higher ideal. Only respected Republicans could have credibly made the argument that Republicans should vote symbolically.

The modern Hammurabi himself, of course, is the bald-headed Mormon they call Evan, whose mission seems to be to go medieval on anyone who appears poised to nudge a voter toward Donald Trump:
Republicans should vote symbolically

Here’s the thing about symbolic votes though. Much as we appreciate Republicans who urge other Republicans not to vote for Donald Trump, thus clearing the way for Hillary Clinton to rule the nation for the next 8 years, we do need these soft-headed voters, eventually, to “get it” as the kids say.

As we’ve stated many times, America’s future is a one-party future, and that party will be the Democratic Party. Republicans should vote symbolically next month, by all means. But these voters will have to be persuaded to cast meaningful votes at some point in the future for candidates we Democrats want in office.

This means the voters will need to understand how elections really work.

For a very long time in America, we have promoted an emotion-laden concept of voting, especially in presidential elections. The vote is not simply a choice between people, but rather it is a statement of wishes, dreams, and philosophies. When we vote it is like falling in love with an idea, donning a tribal vest, becoming a groupie.

Thus, there is a lot of mythological bullcrap we Americans attach to our voting process.

The harsh reality is that voting is simply a choice between people. One of them is going to take a public office that controls your life, and the result of that will be about as far from myth as you can get. When it is an election like 2016, the one who wins will literally determine your safety, your freedom, your financial prospects, the fiscal health of the nation you live in, and your own personal health. Principles are great, but when you get sick and can’t afford a doctor, or your family cannot feel safe anymore, that is brass tacks right there.

It’s like if you decided to raise your cultural game, and go into a fast food restaurant and ask for a nice, fresh Béarnaise to go with your burger. Your self image and aspirations may be about delicate flavors, but your lunch is going to be about ketchup or industrial-quality barbecue sauce, without fail.

By the same token, someone may think they’re making a statement by voting for the truest conservative, or the wildest libertarian, or the sincerest vegan, but the only choices for president are Trump or Clinton, and one of those two will rule over your family and future. Period.

There are some silly progressives planning to waste their vote on either the Greens or Libertarians this year, and we hate that, of course. It’s the Republicans, however, who truly have taken the cake for throwing their votes down the toilet in record numbers.

There’s this maxim that “Liberals think conservatives are evil; conservatives think liberals are stupid.” Yeah, well, right back at you, Pointexters. And enjoy the barbecue sauce.

Noah Rothman

New Clinton probe chills NeverTrump prospects

Why on such a fine Friday should so many countenances have fallen ashen gray? The news of a reopened FBI Clinton probe chills NeverTrump spirits, clearly. This is one of the unfortunate prospects looming over our beloved accomplices on the Republican side of the aisle.

All we can say for now is, keep a stiff upper lip, mateys. You are still above water. We are still optimistic there will be a Clinton in the White House come January and our #NeverTrump allies ought to hold the same hope.

There will be rough sailing, first, however, as our “adopted Democrat” Noah Rothman just discovered.

New Clinton probe chills NeverTrump prospects

If Donald Trump wins the presidency the horror will not only bruise the egos and psyches of the NeverTrumpers. It will also make them look pretty stupid. One of their chief rationales for helping to suppress the Republican vote for president has been their purported political brilliance. Because these Republican geniuses could look down on the GOP ruffians who mistakenly nominated a candidate whom America as a whole would reject, #NeverTrump was a badge of superiority, and not merely a seditious hashtag.

Trump in the White House will tell everyone that the Republican turncoats are dumber than Trump. That will leave a mark.

conservative women helping Hillary

The conservative women helping Hillary win

We found a list of what are claimed to be conservative women helping Hillary win the White House, through their valiant stand against Donald Trump. Bewitched as we are by every variety of #NeverTrump conservative, we want to give these wonderful ladies a shout out.

The list is posted by the Reagan Battalion, an oddly-named Republican authorship seemingly dedicated to letting Democrats appoint the next round of Supreme Court justices. We don’t get the Reagan connection, but as long as you’re helping Democrats win, you can call yourselves the Hayek Looney Tunes for all we care!

Touting their cause as “conservatism” follows the somewhat tired – but to us, interesting – narrative of being so gosh-darned conservative that they must advocate for the defeat of Donald Trump. Anyone with an IQ above 70 will quickly ask, “But isn’t helping Hillary Clinton win an anti-conservative result?”

Again, as Democrats we accept the Reagan Battalion’s help just as we’re thankful for all of #NeverTrump. But we do have one concern:

We don’t know how many Republicans swallow the “too conservative” line, but if it’s a lot we just hope they’re not reproducing. America is far enough behind the Chinese as it is.

Frankly, we wish our #NeverTrump accomplices would try a bit harder. Saying simply that you are too conservative to support Trump makes you seem intellectually lightweight because everyone knows Hillary Clinton’s record and agenda are far more liberal. If you must trumpet your conservative bedrock principles, you need to build the argument that “Hillary Clinton is actually more conservative than Donald Trump.” Nobody in #NeverTrump is doing this yet, which seems like a pretty big lapse in the logic department.

Here are the Twitter handles for these great conservative women helping Hillary win the presidency. They deserve a thank you from all good Democrats. (Disclaimer: We can’t vouch that all of the following are in fact working against Donald Trump, but we are taking the Battalion’s word for it. A quick scan of the Twitter feeds does seem to show a pretty consistent theme of encouraging voters not to vote for Donald Trump – huzzah!):


NeverTrump voter suppression

NeverTrump voter suppression makes us rejoice

As with everyone, there are days that seem like they’ll go badly for us, like today when we get to work and find that O’Keefe has a new, heavily-edited video making Hillary Clinton look bad. Or new Wikileaks lies. But then, we turn to the subculture we love, and the reliable Republican NeverTrump voter suppression machine brings a spring to our step.

Thank you, #NeverTrump social media, from the bottoms of our collective Democratic hearts, for posting a continual stream of news that tells Republican voters that the Donald Trump campaign is losing, hopeless, and/or in some other way simply bad.

If it weren’t for conservative #NeverTrump activists on social media, we are confident Hillary Clinton would be losing this presidential election, and our spirits would be in the doldrums. We’d have no potential for turning off Republican voters (why would they listen to what a bunch of Clinton supporters have to say?) Many days would have been just depressing.

That is why we keep active social media personas going, to follow and friend all of our favorite conservative NeverTrumpers. You guys are the wind beneath our wings.

Count quality-of-life as yet another argument for why the Republican Party needs to reward these brave people after the election: Without NeverTrump voter suppression efforts, Trump and his supporters would have become unbearable the entire campaign period. Instead, Trump’s camp is nervous and angry, and we Democrats and you Republican NeverTrumpers are buoyant from sunrise to sundown.

Most of the Democratic happiness and optimism flows from #NeverTrump Republicans, as a matter of fact, which has to be a milestone in U.S. political history.

Here are some of our favorite corners of the NeverTrump subculture, which you should visit if you ever need a pick me up.

Erick Erickson
NeverTrump voter suppression

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Myth McMullin

NeverTrump Myth McMullin makes his case

We barely contain our mirth at the fairy tale that Evan “Myth” McMullin and the NeverTrump conservatives are foisting on Republican voters. But we’ll take the myth McMullin is selling because, honestly, it is too good to be true.

To recap: NeverTrump Republicans, almost to a person, claim they are not supporting Hillary Clinton for president but rather are simply not supporting Donald Trump, and they lay out their reasons urging Republican voters to not vote for Donald Trump. Crazily, it seems to be working.

If it had not been for NeverTrump, we on the Democratic side would never have considered such a strategy because we wouldn’t have believed Republican voters could be so dumb. It is basic arithmetic that one of the two people, Trump or Clinton, is going to be our next president, and therefore votes taken from either of them are going to help the other. Period. You’d think most voters would understand this – but you’d definitely think that every NeverTrump public official, commentator, candidate, or activist understands the math.

When a child is told by an older person that the moon is made of cheese, we don’t focus on someone possibly telling the child a lie: What everyone notices is that the kid is a dope who will believe anything. Similarly, when someone recites the myth McMullin and other NeverTrumpers promote, about not supporting Hillary Clinton, the issue is not whether they are lying. The point is, the voters who listen to NeverTrump are dopes who haven’t bothered to think things through. These muddle-headed Americans manage to overlook the fact that if they don’t vote for Trump, they are by definition serving themselves a Clinton presidency on a silver platter.

Make no mistake, we’re not complaining. We think Evan McMullin deserves his own Aesop’s Fable.

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Republican NeverTrump

Keys to the Republican NeverTrump future

Here’s why the Republican NeverTrump people are praiseworthy. It’s why this website exists.

The basic premise of winning an election, which we will return to again and again, is that half the battle is convincing voters NOT to vote for your opponent. And if you can convince the members of the other candidate’s party not to vote for the candidate, you’ve just about got it all sewn up.

Early this year, just when we had started to worry that our candidate, Hillary Clinton, had some skeletons in the closet that required a lot of explaining, lo and behold, here came the Republican NeverTrump influencers in effect pledging to get Hillary Clinton into the White House.

That was both intelligent and brave.

Convincing Republicans not to vote for the Republican was intelligent because the Republican Party is becoming a subsidiary of the Democratic Party, and the sooner everyone on the Republican side falls in line the smoother will be the transition. Demographically and ideologically, the U.S. is turning into a progressive-dominant culture. Opposing this trend is now understood to be both politically dangerous and legally dangerous, as so many have learned the hard way. This is a topic that can fill many essays but let’s just focus on the national politics angle for now.

Republican leaders have been acknowledging their submissive position for years, in the persons of John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan, and so many members of Congress. Republicans have – intelligently – turned Congress into a turnstile allowing the Democratic agenda to pass through without obstruction.

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Bearing Drift destroys Republican vote

Bearing Drift destroys Republican vote rationale

If you’re like us and you want to see Republicans shut out of the presidency for decades to come, then you’ll love the Virginia website we discovered. Useful Republican to the core, Bearing Drift destroys Republican vote arguments convincingly and persistently.

Bearing Drift destroys Republican vote

For Republican voters, Bearing Drift can be viewed as one ongoing subliminal campaign saying “You needn’t vote Republican. You needn’t vote Republican.” It’s pretty beautiful. Most important, they perform their voter-depression duties with rationales that often would fall flat coming from liberals or Democrats.

Virginia, birthplace of many presidents and home of the longest-running legislature in America, is also home of one of the most dysfunctional political groups in probably the entire world. Virginia Republicans have a long and storied tradition of working against Republicans running for office, most recently in the race for the governor’s mansion which is now safely in the hands of Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

You’ve heard the saying, “eating their own.” There is another saying – “cutting their own off at the knees and leaving them in the wilderness alone to be devoured by wolves.” That second saying describes Virginia’s GOP.

If we were going to relocate to a more Democratic-friendly state, Virginia would be first choice, hands down. They have some rednecks and too many guns, but they are turning blue in a hurry and their Republicans are the political equivalent of comfort food for tired progressives such as ourselves.

As an apparent standard-bearer of the backstabbing tradition, Bearing Drift sells itself as an influential “Republican” and conservative voice in the state. Some of its writers seem to be Republican political consultants, believe it or not. But more passionately and definitely more effectively than any Democratic organization in Virginia, the posts at Bearing Drift have methodically demolished one reason after another that voters might have considered to cast a ballot for Donald Trump.

Quickly becoming one of our favorite writers on the entire Internet, Bearing Drift’s Brian Schoeneman has likely the most persuasive argument of all for why Republicans should not vote for Trump. In fact, even though Bearing Drift destroys Republican vote rationales a hundred ways on a hundred different days, this essay by Schoeneman outdoes them all. Democrats should be spreading this far and wide, under the heading “by respected Virginia Republican Brian Schoeneman.”

Why the Supreme Court Argument Falls Flat

….Trump’s views are so hard to pin down, there is no way to be sure his choices would be any better than Clinton’s. Leaving that argument aside, and assuming arguendo that Trump would choose more conservatives and Hillary would choose more liberals, her appointments are still unlikely to result in the apocalyptic vision some Republicans have been painting.

Read the whole thing, post it on social media, and forward it to your Republican friends.

If ever there is a “Friends of Hillary” list, you can be sure that Bearing Drift will hold a special place on it for their outstanding work ensuring Democratic control of the White House.

Clinton conservative Charlie Sykes

Defending Ryan against Trumpkin GOP – Sykes

We’re glad to see our useful friend Charlie Sykes of Wisconsin rebuffing more nonsense from the idiot Trump supporters against the dashing Speaker of the House. Defending Ryan, in fact, ought to be the acid test for future participation in the Republican Party. But that is not the topic for today.

Because we Democrats have no standing to take sides in the GOP civil war, we must rely on surrogates – accomplices – within the other party. And who could have guessed Wisconsin, of all places, would become such happy territory?

Not so long ago, prior to the current presidential election, Wisconsin looked like a beast rising from the sea to devour liberals from coast to coast. We lost a couple of major political battles to an anti-union governor whom we suspected might have his eyes set next on Washington, D.C.

Instead, fast-forward to the present, we have Wisconsin cutie Paul Ryan leading Republicans in Congress in a manner most hospitable to the Democratic Party agenda, along with powerful conservative voices such as Charlie Sykes defending Ryan and leading the campaign of negativity that is torpedoing the presidential campaign of Republican racist Donald Trump.

Defending Ryan

We join Charlie Sykes in demanding: Leave Paul Ryan alone!

Like so much of Trump’s deplorable slog, the attack on Ryan makes no sense from an electoral point of view, but reflects perfectly the psychology and culture of both the man-child candidate and his camp followers, who have now transitioned from presidential campaign to Revenge Tour. As Robert Costa notes, Trump seems more intent on building a “grievance movement” than a presidential campaign.

First, we praise Charlie Sykes for driving home the message that the presidential race is effectively over. We need conservatives to make that point stick as many times as possible before election day.

Next, an ongoing theme here at Useful Republicans is the importance of a future housecleaning of the Republican Party. The GOP has become dangerously dysfunctional in terms of allowing the business of the country to proceed. If Republicans no longer allow Democrats to govern, as the Trump movement seems to threaten will happen, then Republicans are moving awfully close to treason. Those Trumpkins must be expelled from the GOP as soon after the election as possible, or we fear the GOP will become irrelevant in national governance.

When a good, obedient Republican like Paul Ryan gets raked over the coals by members of his coalition, it’s time for the coalition to be broken apart.