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Broken Joss Whedon has the sadz

A chubby, bald, angry man who in November said President Trump “cannot be allowed” to complete his term in office, just announced on Twitter that he has a problem. Poor, broken Joss Whedon doesn’t seem to have the zest for life.

Whedon implies that his sadness is of interest to other people.

Many Americans will react to broken Joss Whedon’s announcement with, “Joss who?”

We’re not going to bother answering that question, except to note that right after the November election, the man who is now very sad said he wanted to “human centipede” Donald Trump’s cabinet.

Then, Whedon suggested a coup against Donald Trump’s government, declaring “Trump cannot CANNOT be allowed a term in office.”

Without looking up his biography, therefore, most people probably will conclude that Joss Whedon is a real piece of shit.

Today, Whedon just tweeted, “I never ran smooth but I think I’m really broken, I’m sorry, I was funny for a while, good times, please keep fighting”

broken Joss Whedon

We assume there will be many who join us in responding to broken Joss Whedon and his most heartfelt self-disclosure:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Now go away and STFU, broken Joss Whedon.