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The Democratic Party leadership thought it should be governing the United States at every level. Pity.

Broken Joss Whedon has the sadz

A chubby, bald, angry man who in November said President Trump “cannot be allowed” to complete his term in office, just announced on Twitter that he has a problem. Poor, broken Joss Whedon doesn’t seem to have the zest for life.

Whedon implies that his sadness is of interest to other people.

Many Americans will react to broken Joss Whedon’s announcement with, “Joss who?”

We’re not going to bother answering that question, except to note that right after the November election, the man who is now very sad said he wanted to “human centipede” Donald Trump’s cabinet.

Then, Whedon suggested a coup against Donald Trump’s government, declaring “Trump cannot CANNOT be allowed a term in office.”

Without looking up his biography, therefore, most people probably will conclude that Joss Whedon is a real piece of shit.

Today, Whedon just tweeted, “I never ran smooth but I think I’m really broken, I’m sorry, I was funny for a while, good times, please keep fighting”

broken Joss Whedon

We assume there will be many who join us in responding to broken Joss Whedon and his most heartfelt self-disclosure:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Now go away and STFU, broken Joss Whedon.

Preview of America’s next Civil War

A feeling of displacement certainly seems to affect some Americans these days, what with the protesting and crazy talk, and even fuzzy pajama’d liberals have been making noises about buying guns and prepping for unrest. Two guys gave a talk yesterday on the possible next Civil War headed our way.

Two thoughts: First, when the citizens who are already gun owners and fairly prepared, are siding up with the federal government who are MAJOR gun owners and so much more, that sort of puts all the physical force on one side of the battlefield.

Second, if American progressives are indeed going to be one of the sides, this will be the shortest civil war ever.

Democrat arson attack

Help identify women in Democrat arson attack

The woman in the hat with the letters “NAT” pictured below was caught setting fire to a girl’s hair during Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday in Washington DC. The woman in the yellow jacket appears to have assisted in the Democrat arson attack.

Women in Democrat arson attack
If you can identify either of these obese Hispanic women who were in Washington DC on Friday, January 20, please contact DC police. (Click photo for larger image).

Because the victim was white and the attackers appear to be Latino, this may be considered a hate crime.

If you can identify either of these women, please contact the DC police immediately.

The following video shows the attack, and images below zoom in on the arm of the woman in the “NAT” hat holding a lighter to the hair of the girl in the blue jacket. Click here to see more images from the attack.

Democrat arson attack
More images showing detail of the woman in the “Nat” hat holding a lighter to the hair of the girl in the blue jacket, just before her hair caught on fire. (Click photo for larger image).
Democratic Party turncoats

Addressing our Democratic Party turncoats

In our weekend post we answered the hypothetical about what we would do with Democratic Party turncoats if we had our own #NeverTrump contingent – our own people smearing the presidential ticket.

Then, on cue, they start popping to the surface like worms in a rainstorm. Is it time for us Democrats to demonstrate how we deal so much more aggressively with traitors?

Not exactly.

The big news, for instance, was Doug Schoen’s tortured withdrawal of support for Hillary Clinton after the FBI said it was reopening the email investigation. Yes, we would have preferred Doug keep his mouth shut. On the other hand, Schoen has been a good Democratic Party soldier to the nearly to the end.

Doug Schoen has not spent months convincing rank-and-file voters to vote for someone besides our presidential candidate, as #NeverTrump has done so effectively for the GOP.

What happened this weekend was a unique set of circumstances where so much bad news descended from so many directions that we would evoke the image of tenants fleeing the burning building rather than Democratic Party turncoats trying to burn it down.
Democratic Party turncoats

Similarly, when CNN announced they were shocked about Donna Brazile (wink, wink) giving Hillary a leg up in the debates, and therefore releasing Donna from her affiliation with CNN, we could not hold it against CNN. CNN has been a loyal part of the Democratic Party fold and will remain so.

Once Donna’s savvy maneuvers were made public by those dastardly Russians, our people at CNN had to make a symbolic gesture of cutting Donna loose in order for CNN to remain a functional Democratic Party information channel in the coming weeks and months.

No, if we were going to finger true Democratic Party turncoats our list would begin with someone like that pain in the tuckus, Pat Caddell, who has become something of an alt-right house Democrat stooge, dutifully reciting fascist talking points when needed to motivate their troops.

As we mentioned in the previous post, however, the celebrity factor can bring a certain immunity from Party pressure, and Pat is a celebrity in his own right.

We’d also place the unstable Chris Matthews of MSNBC on the list for this outburst which, thankfully, has gotten little attention so far.

MSNBC generally seems to run any story the Party pitches to them so we won’t hold a grudge about Chris for now, his diatribe being only 30 seconds long and American attention spans being what they are.

As to the question of how we, earnest Clinton advocates, are dealing with the rough weekend news: We admit, it is very bad. We think there is going to be more bad news in the coming days and we could have a reverse preference cascade on our hands where everyone starts fleeing the building.

And we mean, everyone.

But we still have a major ace up our sleeve on Election Day, because our buddies at CNN and the broadcast networks and AP and everywhere else can have one final big influence. They can call the presidential races for Hillary Clinton at 8:05 pm Eastern time in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and all the traditional Democratic states – thereby telling the entire country the race is over. Our final trump card, if you will. Let’s see what that does to voter turnout over the next 5 hours.

If that has the desired effect, we’ll probably forget all about Pat Caddell and Chris Matthews and any other Democratic Party turncoats for another four years.

NeverTrump man

How would NeverTrump traitors fare in the Democratic Party?

The recent headlines about our candidate, Hillary Clinton, have us concerned. We are also worried about our Republican accomplices and what might happen if they were to be seen as NeverTrump traitors, in the inconceivable event of a Donald Trump victory in 9 days.

For we will never forget the precious assistance Hillary received this year from our GOP comrades, who were willing to help the Republican Party lose the White House in order to make their point. Without NeverTrump, a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been impossible. We thank you. And we will continue to thank you, by name whenever possible, for as long into the future as we can type.

Our anxiety about our #NeverTrump confreres, the “Fredo” wing of the Republican Party, if you will, inspires the following exercise: How would it go in our own party, if we had the equivalent of NeverTrump traitors working openly to trash a Democratic presidential ticket in the minds of Democratic voters?

Continue reading How would NeverTrump traitors fare in the Democratic Party?

Republicans should vote symbolically

Republicans should vote symbolically

An important aspect of Democratic Party leadership in 2016 is ensuring that, if they absolutely must vote, Republicans should vote symbolically. This is why the media have given #NeverTrump such positive coverage all year.

We know better than to think we can convince a large number of conservatives to just go out and vote for Hillary Clinton. But convincing them not to vote for Donald Trump is just as good. A symbolic vote is a vote cast into the ether. It’s a ballot placed in a bottle and tossed into the sea.

We can’t actually claim credit for the largest share of symbolic voting. That trophy goes to #NeverTrump, who collectively have laid out an entire code of Hammurabi of reasons one ought not vote for Donald Trump but rather should seek a higher ideal. Only respected Republicans could have credibly made the argument that Republicans should vote symbolically.

The modern Hammurabi himself, of course, is the bald-headed Mormon they call Evan, whose mission seems to be to go medieval on anyone who appears poised to nudge a voter toward Donald Trump:
Republicans should vote symbolically

Here’s the thing about symbolic votes though. Much as we appreciate Republicans who urge other Republicans not to vote for Donald Trump, thus clearing the way for Hillary Clinton to rule the nation for the next 8 years, we do need these soft-headed voters, eventually, to “get it” as the kids say.

As we’ve stated many times, America’s future is a one-party future, and that party will be the Democratic Party. Republicans should vote symbolically next month, by all means. But these voters will have to be persuaded to cast meaningful votes at some point in the future for candidates we Democrats want in office.

This means the voters will need to understand how elections really work.

For a very long time in America, we have promoted an emotion-laden concept of voting, especially in presidential elections. The vote is not simply a choice between people, but rather it is a statement of wishes, dreams, and philosophies. When we vote it is like falling in love with an idea, donning a tribal vest, becoming a groupie.

Thus, there is a lot of mythological bullcrap we Americans attach to our voting process.

The harsh reality is that voting is simply a choice between people. One of them is going to take a public office that controls your life, and the result of that will be about as far from myth as you can get. When it is an election like 2016, the one who wins will literally determine your safety, your freedom, your financial prospects, the fiscal health of the nation you live in, and your own personal health. Principles are great, but when you get sick and can’t afford a doctor, or your family cannot feel safe anymore, that is brass tacks right there.

It’s like if you decided to raise your cultural game, and go into a fast food restaurant and ask for a nice, fresh BĂ©arnaise to go with your burger. Your self image and aspirations may be about delicate flavors, but your lunch is going to be about ketchup or industrial-quality barbecue sauce, without fail.

By the same token, someone may think they’re making a statement by voting for the truest conservative, or the wildest libertarian, or the sincerest vegan, but the only choices for president are Trump or Clinton, and one of those two will rule over your family and future. Period.

There are some silly progressives planning to waste their vote on either the Greens or Libertarians this year, and we hate that, of course. It’s the Republicans, however, who truly have taken the cake for throwing their votes down the toilet in record numbers.

There’s this maxim that “Liberals think conservatives are evil; conservatives think liberals are stupid.” Yeah, well, right back at you, Pointexters. And enjoy the barbecue sauce.