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Republicans now hint populist purge

NeverTrump Republicans now hint populist purge

Knives have been evident within the Republican Party for months, and now some are near to being drawn. With the election less than a fortnight away, and today’s awful, no good, very bad news for the Hillary Clinton campaign stinging like wasps, prominent #NeverTrump Republicans now hint populist purge of Trump supporters from the Party may be imminent.

Now that the Party purge is being spoken of openly, we have to wonder if the pro-Trump faction of the GOP may be on the right track with the rumored housecleaning of their own (and their very own Dump #NeverTrump action plan ready to go!)

We’ve known the anger was building against Donald Trump’s supporters, and we watched in amazement as the largest political movement within the GOP – by far – of the current campaign drew hostility and ridicule from party veterans. Even the supposedly cerebral conservative Ted Cruz led a legion of rabid, feces-tossing followers whose main response to the massive Trump support was to insult them all. Bizarre.

Prominent #NeverTrump fellow David French captured perfectly today’s gloomy mood among those Republicans whose worst fear – a Republican presidential victory – seems more likely by the hour:
David French anger

But it’s David Frum, formerly of the GW Bush administration, who today gave the clearest hint of where some Republicans wish to see the Party go on November 9.

Frum promised ominously that

Donald Trump will be the target of the recriminations and the people around him will be the target of the recrimination….There‚Äôs going to be a revulsion in the Republican Party against this crew.

No one can tell yet which segment of the Republican Party will make the first move, but judging by today’s reactions, #NeverTrump is feeling the pressure.

Republican NeverTrump

Keys to the Republican NeverTrump future

Here’s why the Republican NeverTrump people are praiseworthy. It’s why this website exists.

The basic premise of winning an election, which we will return to again and again, is that half the battle is convincing voters NOT to vote for your opponent. And if you can convince the members of the other candidate’s party not to vote for the candidate, you’ve just about got it all sewn up.

Early this year, just when we had started to worry that our candidate, Hillary Clinton, had some skeletons in the closet that required a lot of explaining, lo and behold, here came the Republican NeverTrump influencers in effect pledging to get Hillary Clinton into the White House.

That was both intelligent and brave.

Convincing Republicans not to vote for the Republican was intelligent because the Republican Party is becoming a subsidiary of the Democratic Party, and the sooner everyone on the Republican side falls in line the smoother will be the transition. Demographically and ideologically, the U.S. is turning into a progressive-dominant culture. Opposing this trend is now understood to be both politically dangerous and legally dangerous, as so many have learned the hard way. This is a topic that can fill many essays but let’s just focus on the national politics angle for now.

Republican leaders have been acknowledging their submissive position for years, in the persons of John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan, and so many members of Congress. Republicans have – intelligently – turned Congress into a turnstile allowing the Democratic agenda to pass through without obstruction.

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