Charlie Sykes exits

Charlie Sykes exits stage left with dolly, dishes

Today Charlie Sykes exits the Wisconsin radio hosting job he held for many years. Undoubtedly some of his fans will miss him, as will the few Republicans and conservatives whom Charlie has not written off as “broken” or “deeply compromised.”

For the vast majority of Americans, Sykes’ departure from the public stage will be met with a heartfelt “Charlie who?”

A vocal #NeverTrump conservative, Sykes is one of the diehard commandos who donned the cloak of self-righteousness when other observers began to take a realistic view of the Trump phenomenon.

Fitting perfectly the template of self-absorbed kindergartner, Sykes early on and after the election explained away “Trumpism” as the degradation of righteousness and character on a massive scale, afflicting everyone supporting the Republican presidential ticket.

Apart from a tiny group – a “small desert island” – of intact believers on the Right, including himself, Sykes sees conservatism itself as “damaged.”

A regular, unsurprisingly, on MSNBC, Sykes used the liberal platform of the New York Times to remind everyone that we was making good on his promise to take his dolly and dishes and bid the Party adieu.

I was under the impression that conservatives actually believed things about free trade, balanced budgets, character and respect for constitutional rights. Then along came this campaign.

I thought that I was well within the mainstream of conservative thought — only to find conservative Trump critics denounced for apostasy by a right that decided that it was comfortable with embracing Trumpism.

The American people, you see, have let Charlie Sykes down.

Which, incidentally, vaguely reminds us of someone else – we can’t quite put our finger on whom – whose grandiose sense of self seems almost like a learning disorder, causing him to vastly overrate his own competence to the point of being unable to acknowledge his own failures.

The future that Charlie sees is a frightening one, with a “weaponized media” aimed at Donald Trump’s critics – which sounds scary until one gives it a nanosecond of thought, whereupon one realizes that Charlie the media guy is actually projecting a teeny bit. After all, Charlie himself and his doggedly anti-Trump website served pretty consistent artillary duty attacking Trump and Trump’s supporters throughout 2016.

We’ll continue to read Charlie as a psychological case study, but we believe that America and the conservative movement will be fairly unaffected by his exit from the radio waves. We predict he will be found on MSNBC or similar left-wing media outlets with ongoing regularity. He may prove us wrong, but in our experience the narcissist requires an audience.