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Mark Steyn out at CRTV

Mark Steyn out at CRTV, #NeverTrump Deace gets top billing

Mark Levin’s Conservative Review TV has just fired Mark Steyn, which seems like an incredibly bad idea, although we on the outside have no way of knowing what went on. That’s the bad news. The ostensibly good news is that with Mark Steyn out at CRTV, the new featured talent in its lineup of celebrity conservatives is the notorious #NeverTrump Steve Deace.

But Conservative Review has always been a little dodgy, in our opinion, and recent personnel decisions suggest CRTV is yet another fixture in the Conservative Celebrity Industry, existing to extract cash from naive conservatives ($99 per year) and advertisers.

One could argue that Conservative Review’s history might make President Trump’s supporters leery of the new network, and that doubt might have been tempered by Steyn’s presence.

But Steve Deace moves the needle in the opposite direction.

Steve Deace CRTV
With Mark Steyn out at CRTV, #NeverTrump Steve Deace is featured on the front page.

Credibility-wise, therefore, one could argue CRTV just created a hurdle for themselves.

Clinton is cunning. Trump is a clown. This matchup was over before it began.

Steve Deace, October 15, 2016

Most people have no idea who Steve Deace is, but nearly all conservatives are familiar with the man CRTV let go.

That would be Mark Steyn, the columnist/humorist whose productivity level rivals that of many industrial nations.

Mark Steyn, the premier, go-to guest host for the most listened to radio talk show host in America, Rush Limbaugh.

Mark Steyn, author of several excellent books including the singular America Alone, which will be seen 100 years from now as an omen for the West.

Mark Steyn, soldier on our behalf, much more than a keyboard-and-green-room warrior, who goes repeatedly to the front lines of international debate, exposing himself to actual damage, to argue the case for reality-based, er, reality, on topics such as Islam and climate change.

Yes, Mark Steyn, whose January, 2016 report from a Donald Trump rally in New Hampshire made us, personally, take notice of what was really happening with the Donald Trump phenomenon.

Not having been to one of these events that already had given the indications of a true cultural phenomenon, we were grateful for Steyn’s summary. Steyn has the rare combination of policy and politics expertise along with a rich understanding of popular culture — and an equally rich sense of humor — so his imprimatur had us, and likely many other conservatives, taking Trump seriously before the first caucus votes were cast.

Conservative Review certainly appreciated what they were getting with Steyn when they got him. It was seen as a coup at the time, and CR capitalized on the PR.

Mark Steyn CRTV

When the channel itself was revealed last fall — as an outgrowth of Levin’s own television network — Steyn and Conservative Review Senior Editor Michelle Malkin were billed as the top talent. Current paying subscribers to LevinTV were ported over to Conservative Review Television

As recently as the evening of March 1, 2017, two days after Steyn’s firing, Steyn was featured prominently on the CRTV gift subscription promotion page.

Mark Steyn out at CRTV
MARCH 1, 2017, STILL FEATURED: Mark Steyn gets prominent billing in Conservative Review TV promotion days after being released by the network.

When he announced the CRTV launch, Mark Levin credited the expansion to “a movement with millions of liberty lovers”

This is much bigger than any of us. It is about our beloved audience.

That beloved audience apparently doesn’t feel so loved all of a sudden.

Welcome to Glenn Becksville, population Glenn Beck. And you.

unhappy CRTV subscriber after the network announced Mark Steyn’s firing on February 28.

Immediately after CRTV announced Steyn’s termination last night on their Facebook page, with zero explanation, many subscribers chimed in, the majority of whom do not seem pleased:

“Mark Steyn was the reason I subscribed to CRTV. I have little or no interest in the other shows.”

“I never missed Steyn’s show and it was a significant reason for my subscription. Not good…”

“Mark Steyn was the best on CRTV !!! He was the only reason why many viewers subscribed and me too.”

Mark Steyn out at CRTV
About all we know, with Mark Steyn out at CRTV, is that something went terribly wrong or they would never have given the boot to one of their premier draws.

Steyn has filed a lawsuit, so apart from noting yesterday morning that the termination with several years left on his contract was a complete suprise to him, it will probably be some time before we the public hear Steyn’s side of the story.

What else do we know of Conservative Review?

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Clinton Republican Amanda Carpenter

Closing arguments: Clinton Republican Amanda Carpenter

In the final days before the election, we will present our “closing arguments” by NeverTrump Republicans as to why voters should NOT vote for the Republican presidential ticket. In other words: Republicans helping torpedo the Trump campaign and elect Hillary Clinton. Here we give you Clinton Republican Amanda Carpenter.

Clinton Republican Amanda Carpenter

In this important essay, Carpenter explains how Donald Trump (and his family) have amplified one of the vilest strands in the GOP and this year changed the Republican Party for the worse. The change, the despoiling, at very least should prevent any woman in America from voting for the Republican ticket.

Dismiss. Deny. Deflect. Demean.

Those are the main strategies top surrogates — mostly male — are using to dismiss the, at this point, eleven accusations of sexual assault various women are making about GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

While Trump is widely expected to lose the presidential election, the influence of campaign will linger over the GOP for many years to come. Especially in regards to the GOP’s treatment of women and future appeals to female voters. Future campaigns ought to study the messaging coming from the Trump campaign now as exactly how NOT to address matters regarding sexual assault.

We believe that our Democratic Party has many built-in advantages going for us Tuesday, including manufactured poll results that will show Trump fading, media organizations poised to call states for Clinton regardless of the incoming results, and state election commissions that will allow millions of nonstandard ballots to be counted.

These are called structural advantages, and they are just as critical to winning as the campaigns themselves.

But without conservative #NeverTrump activists like Clinton Republican Amanda Carpenter, Hillary Clinton would never have had a chance to return to the White House. For this historic effort, America needs to thank and remember Amanda Carpenter.

NeverTrump voter suppression

NeverTrump voter suppression makes us rejoice

As with everyone, there are days that seem like they’ll go badly for us, like today when we get to work and find that O’Keefe has a new, heavily-edited video making Hillary Clinton look bad. Or new Wikileaks lies. But then, we turn to the subculture we love, and the reliable Republican NeverTrump voter suppression machine brings a spring to our step.

Thank you, #NeverTrump social media, from the bottoms of our collective Democratic hearts, for posting a continual stream of news that tells Republican voters that the Donald Trump campaign is losing, hopeless, and/or in some other way simply bad.

If it weren’t for conservative #NeverTrump activists on social media, we are confident Hillary Clinton would be losing this presidential election, and our spirits would be in the doldrums. We’d have no potential for turning off Republican voters (why would they listen to what a bunch of Clinton supporters have to say?) Many days would have been just depressing.

That is why we keep active social media personas going, to follow and friend all of our favorite conservative NeverTrumpers. You guys are the wind beneath our wings.

Count quality-of-life as yet another argument for why the Republican Party needs to reward these brave people after the election: Without NeverTrump voter suppression efforts, Trump and his supporters would have become unbearable the entire campaign period. Instead, Trump’s camp is nervous and angry, and we Democrats and you Republican NeverTrumpers are buoyant from sunrise to sundown.

Most of the Democratic happiness and optimism flows from #NeverTrump Republicans, as a matter of fact, which has to be a milestone in U.S. political history.

Here are some of our favorite corners of the NeverTrump subculture, which you should visit if you ever need a pick me up.

Erick Erickson
NeverTrump voter suppression

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