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Flaming NeverTrump diehards

Flaming NeverTrump diehards almost ready for the ash heap

With the fire of a thousand bags of shit on America’s doorstep, flaming NeverTrump diehards like Rick Wilson and Marybeth Glenn are reaching supernova on this, the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as America’s 45th president. The day they screeched mockingly would never come, is here. And boy, they sure seem mad.

And boy, are they about to become irrelevant. Not merely “less relevant than the more influential people” but racing off into insignificance, actively fading from the realm of the germane, they will become like black holes in the social world.

Tonight they are objects of laughter but tomorrow and in the days to come they shall be objects of indifference and perhaps pity, former politicos whom only the twisted or stupid would heed.

But before we run down the list of burning head NeverTrumpers, let us point out one positive story that may bode well for the state of Virginia:

Shaun “Hillary” Kenney, the useful idiot Republican who almost single-handedly delivered Virginia to the Clinton “win” column, has left the blogosphere. Gone. Poof.

After writing what was quite possibly the dumbest political post of 2016, when the shellshock of Trump’s victory apparently still rang in his ears, Kenney did what Kenney rarely seems to do, which is to shut the hell up.

Though he still mucks about on Twitter Kenney has largely abandoned the topic of Donald Trump. But what we really appreciate: No more bloviating, self-righteous, holier-than-thou and more-conservative-than-thou blog posts – in fact no blog posts whatsoever. This is a huge improvement for America, for Virginia Republicans, and probably for the fate of Shaun Kenney’s immortal soul. Maybe after a few years of self-reflection, he will reappear bearing the mark of humility that, thus far, seems utterly foreign to the oh-so-godly conservatives at that faux-Republican website who ultimately failed to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

But you know who hasn’t shut up, but just keeps on keepin’ on like a man whose inner moron never sleeps? The bald, burning noggin of Rick Wilson – who just two years ago was, unbelievably, considered a witty, savvy GOP insider.

Today, Rick Wilson’s desperate attempts at wit consist of reposting items from left-wingers like Salon.com.

Rick Wilson twitter

Tomorrow, Rick Wilson will watch the Republican Party turn the bend far down the road and leave him behind, forever.

Our next smoking ember of melted brain tissue is the Wisconsin wabbit, Charlie Sykes, who quit his gig as a “conservative” talk radio host and disappeared into a hole in the ground, piping up occasionally feeble, ignorant comments about America’s president-elect.

Charlie Sykes twitter

Irrelevance, outsider status, and being generally wrong about everything are a challenging trifecta for any career in political commentary, so it may be a long time before Charlie Sykes makes it back into the funny papers, much less an op-ed page that anyone wishes to read.

We can’t really talk about flaming NeverTrump diehards without mentioning the brightest burning head of all, David Frum: former White House speechwriter, current “editor” at a once-relevant media operation …

…and tomorrow, just another dumbass in America.

Because when you claim that anything coming out of Merkel’s government qualifies as a “stiff warning” to Donald Trump, then you, my friend, have beclowned yourself. Hard.

David Frum twitter

From certain beclownings, there is no coming back. And sadly enough for David Frum, the the circus has closed.

Finally on our list of heads exploding in fire with the ascension of Donald Trump to the highest office in the land, is another Wisconsinite; Queen of the flaming NeverTrump diehards:

Marybeth Glenn
Marybeth Glenn, Wisconsin’s queen of the self-righteous

Yea, even Marybeth Glenn the Holier, who alone wields the authority of God on Earth for the judgment of Christians.

Marybeth: who alone knows good from evil. Marybeth: who alone recognizes Donald Trump as a monster.

Marybeth Glenn twitter

Marybeth, who in one human being encompasses the entire spectrum of whining-toddler NeverTrumpism like perhaps none other whom the Lord has sent down from Crybaby Mountain to yell at His people.

Many Americans are giving Donald Trump a chance to at least get into office before judging his presidency, and many Republicans who at one time did not support Trump have recognized that Trump has earned their support for now, and could turn out better than many U.S. presidents – including the last two Republicans.

But there remain a few rabid NeverTrump disordered personalities, unique in their willful ignorance and in their lack of self-awareness. We marvel at their self-destruction.

Today, we can actually begin to count down the hours until Donald Trump assumes the presidency, and the flaming NeverTrump diehards are but a distant, unpleasant odor.

Bearing Drift Lost Virginia

Our opinion: Bearing Drift lost Virginia for the Republican ticket

Shortly after the November 8 presidential election in which Donald Trump lost the state of Virginia, Bearing Drift’s Shaun Kenney wrote a howler of a blog post essentially blaming Corey Stewart for the 2016 Virginia Republican loss – despite the fact an obvious case could be made that in fact Bearing Drift lost Virginia for the Republicans.

Corey Stewart is running for the 2017 Republican nomination for Virginia governor against, among others, Kenney’s former boss, Ed Gillespie.

It was an interesting argument for Kenney to make because, first, it may signal an ongoing NeverTrump proxy war in Virginia throughout 2017, but also because we think it denoted Shaun Kenney’s “Oh shit” moment upon realizing the full import of the November 8 results.

One could argue that several Bearing Drift writers played a key role in helping Republicans lose Virginia in 2016, by encouraging people not to vote for the Republican presidential ticket.

There is no need to even build a case that Bearing Drift was a major source of anti-Trump vitriol beginning at least last December. In our view, Bearing Drift owned the Republican anti-Trump propaganda effort in the state.

Instead of listing all their broadsides, therefore, let’s just review some of the impact. After all, Bearing Drift proudly bills itself as “Virginia’s loudest and most read conservative website” and “one of the leading voices of Republicans in Virginia.” Lest any doubts remain about their GOP pedigree, they profess dedication to upholding the state Party’s “Republican Creed.”

Last December, several weeks after the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris, the Roanoke Times carried a Bearing Drift column asking all Republican and “center-right” Virginians to join Bearing Drift authors in “condemnation” of Trump’s statements calling for restrictions on Muslim immigration.

For many Virginia voters still unacquainted with Donald Trump as a politician, this forceful condemnation referencing the Constitution by prominent Republicans likely helped define the candidate very early in the process. It was an unfortunate role for an ostensibly “Republican” website to take, since U.S. law gives the president authority, literally, to keep out of the country anyone he wants to keep out. It’s all right there in 8 USC §1182. The Bearing Drift attack was based on a misreading of the Constitution and the law.

Along with the Roanoke daily, Bearing Drift fell in line with Left-wing propagandists who had been lambasting Trump for many months over Trump’s opinions about immigration and about the existence of “no go” areas in European cities.

Now, of course, following a year of Muslim-dominated crime and terrorism in Europe, Trump’s claim appears to be borne out. This is not surprising, because researchers documenting the impact of Muslim immigration have been reporting the reality of European cities – before Cologne, Brussels, Nice, and generally declining security throughout Sweden and many other countries.

But Bearing Drift, true to the #NeverTrump kindergartner pattern of allying with the dog, has a tendency to throw in with the Left against Republican opponents.

And the Left is happy to return the favor.

Earlier this year, when Virginia voters were still learning about the candidates, Bearing Drift provided more fodder for Democrat attacks defining Trump.

In February, in one of the local city news outlets, a prominent Arlington Democrat gleefully trumpeted Shaun Kenney’s post torching Trump and Trump’s “jackbooted” supporters.

Here’s what Shaun Kenney, the respected former Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia, recently declared he would do if Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee:

“I will work actively against him to ensure his defeat in the general election should he obtain the Republican nomination. In this, I am not alone. Millions of Americans will not pull the lever for Trump. Millions more are absolutely sickened by the jackbooted tactics of a militated few.”

This is an uncommonly blunt declaration for a prominent party operative to make about his own party’s likely Presidential nominee.

Yes, it certainly was uncommon, and you can bet that Republican and center-right voters who normally might not have read the Bearing Drift blog took notice when Kenney’s educational lesson was published by the city paper.

At the other corner of the state, in a September story reprinted in the Washington Post, the major daily noted Bearing Drift’s “deluge of anti-Trump postings” to support the paper’s claim of “damage Trump has wrought in Virginia.”

When one of America’s most vocal NeverTrump Republicans, Liz Mair, was building the case for Republicans to vote for the Libertarian candidate for president, Gary Johnson, she invoked a Bearing Drift poll which actually only comprised a paltry 207 responses – but goes to show how Bearing Drift’s anti-Trump message spread through the force multiplier effect of other web channels.

The Bearing Drift poll in question, by the way, purported to show that Johnson at nearly 30 percent support. Johnson’s final vote total in Virginia was less than 3 percent.

Bearing Drift lost Virginia
In 2016, Bearing Drift was a reliable source of discouraging news about the Republican ticket.

Kenney was also the Democrats’ hero when Virginia’s most influential progressive blog, Blue Virginia, featured two Bearing Drift columns to paint the picture of decent Republicans turning against Donald Trump.

The Democrat blogger was referring to this Shaun Kenney post tearing into colleagues at Bearing Drift for having the temerity to suggest there might be rationales for voting for Donald Trump and for insisting on the quite traditional belief that Party membership requires a certain degree of loyalty to its candidates over non-Republicans.

And this latter example of giving aid and comfort to the enemy illustrates why we think Bearing Drift occupies such a dubious role in the Republican community: We believe that Bearing Drift lost Virginia on November 8, 2016. But it was a greater offense – a worse act of sabotage, in our opinion – that a prominent, “respected” Republican was so bitterly critical of other Republicans who were attempting to follow the Party rules in good faith.

In our view, that is execrable behavior within the Party, albeit called “heroic” by Leftists.

To wit, when the mainstream media needed a “Republican voice” to discredit the Trump campaign in September, they turned to Bearing Drift founder Jim Hoeft.

And finally, when the Hillary Clinton campaign needed to build the narrative that Virginia Republicans were turning away from Trump, who would they turn to except Bearing Drift’s Shaun Kenney?

Hillary Clinton thanks Bearing Drift

Throughout 2016, Bearing Drift produced a constant stream of articles denouncing Trump and Trump’s supporters, feeding the narrative that Trump would lose, and most importantly, giving voters reasons not to vote for the Republican presidential candidate.

Amid the flurry of biased news reports and amazingly inaccurate polling analyses prior to the presidential election, Schoeneman, Kenney, and Hoeft gave Virginia voters numerous rationales not to vote for the Republican presidential ticket. These recognized conservative voices with decent (we admit) persuasive writing skills undoubtedly swayed voters – and we believe made a crucial difference in the final vote.

Here is the arithmetic from Virginia on November 8:

Total third-party and write in votes:

Hillary Clinton vote margin over Donald Trump:

Some may argue that the third-party total includes votes – especially for Jill Stein, and write-ins – that may have had nothing to do with Bearing Drift’s pleas to Republicans. We would agree we can’t blame all defections on Bearing Drift.

But we have not addressed the additional important, but murky, area of Republican voters persuaded by Bearing Drift not to vote third-party, but to positively vote for Hillary Clinton.

Because, yes: Although implicit in much of Bearing Drift’s 2016 anti-Trump writing, the all-knowing, all-powerful, self-assured Godly Republican premiere conservative web site of Virginia did go precisely there to explain why a vote for Hillary was justified.

So who really lost the state for the Republicans? We believe Bearing Drift lost Virginia.

And Corey Stewart might invite the Godly conservatives to take a hike up Old Rag to seek a vision or burning bush or other such humbling encounter.

In any case, we think it’s laughable to lay the blame on Corey Stewart, who actually supported the Trump ticket – although we understand why Shaun Kenney would wish to do so. When one is supposedly an influential Republican and a more-righteous-than-thou conservative in the commentary and consulting world, being proven devastatingly wrong, is a Very Bad Place To Be. The fault must be deflected, pronto.

In fact, judging by both pre- and post-election commentary at Bearing Drift, our entire Kindergartner post probably could have been constructed with examples from Schoeneman, Kenney, and Hoeft.

Rude, thuggish, debased, self-absorbed: Bearing Drift has shown it all in 2016.

But one more bit of weirdness they demonstrate which also seems endemic to NeverTrump “conservatives” is a bizarre degree of self-regard.

Minor provocations, it seems, are all it takes for Kenney and Hoeft in particular to break out their own renditions of the superiority dance. Whether as “conservatives” or “Republicans” or Godly men after the old, old – and by “old” we mean in the “Testament” sense – fashion, they can hold forth like nobody’s business.

We’re not ready to say they are completely full of themselves, but most Bearing Drift columns give the impression of being written under the watchful gaze of a painting of the Bearing Drift writer.

You can often sense a geyser of self-righteous fulmination bubbling just beneath the surface.

In what seems like every third post, the bloggers launch into tirades in an authorial style we call “Vomit of Pharisaical Cliches,” a word salad composed of digested truisms, catch phrases, essays, and sermons, coming back up all over your screen, along with spittle, bile, and unctuous fluids of self-anointing.

Click here a Hoeft sample and here for some of Kenney’s ponderous stylings.

Don’t look too hard for meaning or even logical sentences, because the discharge is mainly self-serving sophistry predicated on the writer’s own righteousness. Words pour forth with heavenly fury that neither reason nor Fowler’s nor Strunk & White shall hinder.

While Kenney appears to have scaled back his blogging since the election (but is still listed as an editor), we will continue to follow Mssrs Schoeneman and Hoeft in the coming year as the Virginia race for governor takes shape. A cursory review of Bearing Drift indicates they are not overly friendly to Corey Stewart, the Trump supporter, although that stance may change as the Trump administration becomes a reality.

We would hope to be able to report, in the future, that despite the fact Bearing Drift lost Virginia in 2016, the writers learn something from the failure besides doubling down in self-defensive self-righteousness.

Clinton Republican Jim Hoeft

Closing arguments: Clinton Republican Jim Hoeft

In the final days before the election, we will present our “closing arguments” by NeverTrump Republicans as to why voters should NOT vote for the Republican presidential candidate. In other words: Republicans helping torpedo the Trump campaign and elect Hillary Clinton. Here we give you Clinton Republican Jim Hoeft.

Clinton Republican Jim Hoeft
We’ve noted Virginia as crucial in determining the next president, and Bearing Drift as probably the most influential Republican website in the state. How fantastic for the Hillary Clinton campaign that these Republican influencers have spent so much energy this year promoting reasons for Republican voters to abandon the Republican presidential candidate!

Convincing Republican voters not to vote Republican is the biggest boost anyone could have given Hillary in her quest for the White House.

And what an irony these useful Republicans are: It was some old white men in Virginia, after all, who bequeathed the odious sections of the “Bill of Rights” that enshrined religious bigotry and unlimited access to guns in our Constitution. Now, we believe, thanks in large part to these modern-day Virginians at Bearing Drift, Hillary Clinton will win the presidency and appoint a Supreme Court that will finally do away with the irresponsible aspects of the Constitution. Virginia has finally redeemed itself!

In October when many voters were making up their minds about the candidates, Clinton Republican Jim Hoeft argued in 2016, conservative voters tempted to vote for Trump should remember the “right way” is “living out our faith” amidst a movement “infested with liberal and populist thought.” We love this argument because, as we always say, voters who are not going to vote Democratic need to think of their votes as primarily symbolic.

But what we loved the most was Hoeft’s clear declaration that Virginia conservatives have two clear choices in the ballot, and none of them are Donald Trump:

What we’re talking about is what Trump said and who he is. And, as the old axiom goes, past actions are an indication of future behavior.

At this point, there is no way I can support Donald Trump for president…

For me, there are now only two options for president, and it will be something we at Bearing Drift will explore as much as we can in the coming weeks: former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian, and Evan McMullin, an independent and former chief policy director for the House Republican Conference.

What was the import of Trump’s very rude comments from 2005? That Virginians should turn away, once and for all, from the Republican presidential candidate. Supported by the news organizations and so many public officials, Jim Hoeft’s condemnation sealed the deal against Trump, we believe, for many people in the bellwether state.

(The strange state of Virginia is where Republican infighting – according to our sources there – virtually handed the governorship to our own Terry McAuliffe several years ago. McAuliffe just yesterday granted last-minute voting rights to 60,000 new voters who we feel are almost a lock to vote for Hillary. We are told, also, that some of the Republican faction who helped McAuliffe to victory received sympathetic treatment at Bearing Drift. Once again we say, therefore: God bless Bearing Drift for helping us transform America!)

Like some other conservatives, Clinton Republican Jim Hoeft has very recently attempted to fudge his position against voting for Trump, but we Democrats feel such modesty is totally unnecessary. We will continue to give credit where credit is due, because we love the useful Republicans that much. The #NeverTrump folks made the difference when it counted, when voters were looking earnestly for expert guidance. We intend to reward our Clinton Republican accomplices with recognition like a gold-plated anchor around their necks, every time their assistance to Hillary becomes relevant, for a long time.

Without help from influential politicos like Clinton Republican Jim Hoeft, Hillary Clinton would never have had a chance to return to the White House. For this historic effort, America needs to thank and remember Jim Hoeft.

Closing arguments: Clinton Republican Shaun Kenney

In the final days before the election, we will present our “closing arguments” by NeverTrump Republicans as to why voters should NOT vote for the Republican presidential candidate. In other words: Republicans helping torpedo the Trump campaign and elect Hillary Clinton. Here we give you Clinton Republican Shaun Kenney.

Kenney’s work at the Virginia website Bearing Drift and on social media this year has been a nonstop jackhammer to the foundation of the Republican presidential ticket, tearing away at whatever reasons GOP voters might have had for wishing a Republican to win the White House in 2016.

We’ve noted before how important Virginia is to the Democratic Party this year, so allow us to send some extra love to the influential Republicans at Bearing Drift.

If Virginia turns out to be the swing state that delivers the presidency to our Democratic Party for the next 8 years, then Clinton Republican Shaun Kenney and some of his fellow writers at Bearing Drift deserve a large share of the credit. Democrats will owe them a debt of gratitude, as will all of America and the billions of people around the world relying on us to reshape our nation as one more generous, more open, and more apologetic to the international community.
Clinton Republican Shaun Kenney

There are probably 50 items Kenney produced in 2016 that have helped smooth Hillary’s path to the presidency, but for our Closing Argument we direct you to this timely reaction to one of Donald Trump’s most egregious errors of the campaign. When Trump decided to launch his wholly unjustified and unprovoked attack on a devoted American Muslim family and Gold Star parents, good Republicans like Shaun Kenney quickly framed the issue so that Republican voters could immediately see through the un-American and un-Republican candidate their Party had running for the presidency.

In the state of Virginia, where so many people are linked to military service, and when so many voters were paying close attention to the Republican candidate post-convention, Kenney and others painted Trump as someone who stands against what patriotic Americans stand for. And in this masterpiece of an essay, Kenney went even further, attacking not only the Republican candidate but strongly denouncing everyone who supported Trump.

Khan’s speech has been labeled as the seven minute that shook the convention, a national moment of conscience that transcended the political circus and spoke directly to the hearts of every American and brought home the dangers of a self-inflicted populism…
The free market is utterly incompatible with the sort of nationalism the Trumpsheviks are promoting. What is that nationalism? A protectionist and ethnic nationalism that defines an “us” based on racial or religious grounds and a “they” based purely on whether or not one lives in America…
Yet so long as we permit — and we are permitting this through our inaction and unwillingness to drive them out — this small and insignificant faction to dominate our party and our discourse?
Then we deserve Hillary Clinton… because that’s what they’ve pushed upon us. Or more accurately, what we as Republicans have pushed upon ourselves.

Read it all.

What Republican voter would wish to be affiliated with that ugly, un-American faction? Most significantly, as Kenney argues, 2016 should be a year of cleansing the Republican Party of its Trump supporters, which is a more noble goal than winning the presidency.

We believe that our Democratic Party has many built-in advantages going for us tomorrow, including manufactured poll results that will show Trump fading, media organizations poised to call states for Clinton regardless of the incoming results, and state election commissions that will allow millions of nonstandard ballots to be counted.

These are called structural advantages, and they are just as critical to winning as the campaigns themselves.

But without #NeverTrump activists like Clinton Republican Shaun Kenney, Hillary Clinton would never have had a chance to return to the White House. For this historic effort, America needs to thank and remember Shaun Kenney.

Bearing Drift destroys Republican vote

Bearing Drift destroys Republican vote rationale

If you’re like us and you want to see Republicans shut out of the presidency for decades to come, then you’ll love the Virginia website we discovered. Useful Republican to the core, Bearing Drift destroys Republican vote arguments convincingly and persistently.

Bearing Drift destroys Republican vote

For Republican voters, Bearing Drift can be viewed as one ongoing subliminal campaign saying “You needn’t vote Republican. You needn’t vote Republican.” It’s pretty beautiful. Most important, they perform their voter-depression duties with rationales that often would fall flat coming from liberals or Democrats.

Virginia, birthplace of many presidents and home of the longest-running legislature in America, is also home of one of the most dysfunctional political groups in probably the entire world. Virginia Republicans have a long and storied tradition of working against Republicans running for office, most recently in the race for the governor’s mansion which is now safely in the hands of Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

You’ve heard the saying, “eating their own.” There is another saying – “cutting their own off at the knees and leaving them in the wilderness alone to be devoured by wolves.” That second saying describes Virginia’s GOP.

If we were going to relocate to a more Democratic-friendly state, Virginia would be first choice, hands down. They have some rednecks and too many guns, but they are turning blue in a hurry and their Republicans are the political equivalent of comfort food for tired progressives such as ourselves.

As an apparent standard-bearer of the backstabbing tradition, Bearing Drift sells itself as an influential “Republican” and conservative voice in the state. Some of its writers seem to be Republican political consultants, believe it or not. But more passionately and definitely more effectively than any Democratic organization in Virginia, the posts at Bearing Drift have methodically demolished one reason after another that voters might have considered to cast a ballot for Donald Trump.

Quickly becoming one of our favorite writers on the entire Internet, Bearing Drift’s Brian Schoeneman has likely the most persuasive argument of all for why Republicans should not vote for Trump. In fact, even though Bearing Drift destroys Republican vote rationales a hundred ways on a hundred different days, this essay by Schoeneman outdoes them all. Democrats should be spreading this far and wide, under the heading “by respected Virginia Republican Brian Schoeneman.”

Why the Supreme Court Argument Falls Flat

….Trump’s views are so hard to pin down, there is no way to be sure his choices would be any better than Clinton’s. Leaving that argument aside, and assuming arguendo that Trump would choose more conservatives and Hillary would choose more liberals, her appointments are still unlikely to result in the apocalyptic vision some Republicans have been painting.

Read the whole thing, post it on social media, and forward it to your Republican friends.

If ever there is a “Friends of Hillary” list, you can be sure that Bearing Drift will hold a special place on it for their outstanding work ensuring Democratic control of the White House.