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Why Useful Republicans?

UPDATED November 9, 2016: Because of recent political developments in the United States, Useful Republicans underwent unexpected changes during the overnight hours requiring us to revise this “About” page.

Regional managers arriving for an unannounced plant visit this morning found the facility abandoned and the conference room in a state of serious disrepair. Several company vehicles were left open with the keys still in the ignition, but otherwise, everything is technically functional.

Our parent company, Useful Party Media, Ltd. (Hertforshire ; Lanham ; Zliv), assures our readers that the web presence will continue uninterrupted so you do not need to change your bookmarks.

Fortunately our new team of authors and editors will be able to pick up where the site originators left off, with minimal change in editorial philosophy.

Launched during the 2016 presidential election in the United States, had the simple mission of covering the Republican Party’s “useful idiots” — those conservatives and Republicans who were actively trying to convince voters not to vote for the Donald Trump presidential ticket.

Many of these Republican office holders and quasi-celebrity commenters, as well as many more lower-level party activists and consultants, seemed to be trying to sidestep the obvious ramifications of their work against the Trump ticket. To wit, they were in effect working to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

#NeverTrump Republicans, therefore, fit the very definition of useful idiots: Someone who advances the cause of the enemy.

Over time, we have broadened our focus to other matters such as what is going on among Democrats, but our main purpose remains to expose and record the activities of the fifth column conservatives.