GT Recovery Android

On Windows or Mac, it’s quite usual to find tools capable of recovering deleted files and guides explaining how to carry out this process easily. On Android and iPhone, things change slightly because it isn’t so easy to find applications to recover data deleted from a smartphone or tablet. Luckily enough, we can get hold of a few of them including this GT Recovery.

A Recuva for Android

Until Piriform releases a version of its program for Android, just like it did back then with CCleaner, we can make use of GT Recovery. By installing this APK we can get hold of a tool capable of scanning our device and finding all the information that has been deleted by accident, mistake or an operating system malfunction.

Never lose anything important on your phone thanks to this diagnosis and recovery app.

How to recover files on Android?

To be able to get hold of everything lost on our phone we’ve got two different options:

  • To recover them by file type: from the main screen of the application, we can choose which deletion we want to undo.
  • To recover them in batches: there’s a function by means of which the app scans the entire system and allows us to recover all marked files at the same time.

However, it’s important that you know that you have to be a root user in some cases, which might be a drawback for certain users.

Compatible formats

As you know, your phone can store all sorts of information in different formats. However, this application is very versatile and is capable of working on different system files (FAT, EXT3, and EXT4) and these files:

  • Photos.
  • SMS.
  • Contacts.
  • TXT.
  • WiFi passwords and networks.
  • WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, and Facebook Messenger conversations.
  • Call log.
  • Videos.
  • Audio.
  • Documents.
  • Zipped files.
  • Installation files.

 Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.2.
  • Offers in-app purchases.

GT Recovery for Android is a mobile application that helps users recover and undelete important files or photos they may have accidentally cleared off their phone. Whether by manually removing the file, reformatting your memory card or by storing your phone to its default settings, GT Recovery for Android can help find and recover lost files that you may have thought were gone for good. For rooted devices, it’s a great way to ensure that files are recoverable, even if you don’t have a recent backup.

Recover nearly anything

GT Recovery for Android works to recover all types of data, from photos and texts to contacts and passwords. GT Recovery for Android starts by scanning the device’s hard drive for storage that has been marked for reuse before it’s actually been written over. It pulls this information and organizes the results to help you find what you’re looking for as quickly as possible. With GT Recovery for Android, it seems nothing is really gone even when it’s not accessible from your home screen.

Easy and fast to find lost files

GT Recovery for Android makes it easy to find your recovered files fast when it’s one processing. With a clean user interface with organizes results, searching by file name is easy. For recent deletions, even non-rooted phones can benefit from GT Recovery for Android.

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